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It’s at great times of need when we find out who our true friends are. Even though we have never met, the Oak Creek family has  a sincere desire to help. You undoubtedly are overwhelmed with thoughts of damage assessments, insurance claims, clean up efforts, and re-building. Many of you have no idea where to even start. We can help steer you in the right direction.

We are offering a FREE 10 minute phone consultation prior to your first visit to see if a modular project is right for you. Call (337) 313-4613 to schedule a no pressure phone consultation and have all of your questions answered. If an Oak Creek Home is not a fit for your re-building efforts, we would still like to talk to you and offer our extensive expert advice as you move forward.


How We Can Help You


Assist With Insurance and Lenders Site Cleanup and Debris Haul Off
Site Development – LEARN MORE Title Work
Specialize in Elevated Homes and Coastal Code Land Searches
TDI Compliant Property Surveys
Certified Appraisals Contract Negotiations

Temporary to Semipermanent

We have worked closely with our factory and are excited to roll out a Tiny Home plan. It can serve as a comfortable temporary living space while you rebuild or stand alone as a long term housing solution.

Base pricing starts at only $xx,xxx. Homes can be special ordered, built in our factory, and delivered to your home-site in approximately 7-10 days. Financing options are available from our lending partners.

Call (337) 313-4613 for information on this or other Oak Creek homes.

We Specialize In Coastal Mods

Modular Projects, especially in city jurisdictions, can be daunting tasks to the less experienced dealerships. Planning, permitting, zoning and inspections are only a handful of the hurdles we face in the re-building process. Don’t just trust your new home and more importantly, piece of mind, to amateurs.


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Custom Order or Choose from Dozens of Display Models Ready for Immediate Delivery to Your Lot

The following homes have been discounted with Build Back Better pricing

Model 6011

Original Price: $69,499
Build Back Better Price: $60,999
Savings:  $8,500

Model 5308

Original Price: $57,501
Build Back Better Price: $50,176
Savings:  $7,325

Model 5068

Original Price: $130,125
Build Back Better Price: $109,388
Savings:  $20,737

Model Flex 1-63

Original Price: $108,256
Build Back Better Price: $92,167
Savings:  $16,089